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Todd H. C. Fischer, wordslinger

Yet one more literary blog.

15 April 1974
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Todd H. C. Fischer, wordslinger

Todd has been many things in his few short years on this plane of existence. He has been a window washer (even though he’s afraid of heights), a mover, a painter, a comics editor, a managing editor for a college newspaper, a cartoonist, a writer, an author, a playtester, a groundskeeper in a cemetary, a shipper (not the fanfic kind), a Production Scheduler in a recording studio creating talking books for the blind, and too many others to list.

His drawing credits include the indie comic-chaps Anarchy Bunny and Rotting Rabbit Horror Comics (which had one glorious issue), and illustrations for various zines. He has written many short stories which have appeared in various small press publications such as existere, Cthulhu Cultus, Nightscapes, Terata: Abnormalities of Literature, Erewhon, and others. He has written movie and book reviews which were published in imelod, and (briefly) wrote a column on the small press for Toronto Computes.

Todd was the managing editor and comics editor for The Vandoo (the Vanier College newspaper at York University) and has a credit in the role-playing game Spaceship Zero (for an additional contribution).

With his wife Melanie he was the editor and publisher of the small press zine imelod, which ran from 1997 to 2000 that reached such far flung places as Ireland, South Africa and Australia. He has self-published several chapbooks including Dark Embraces, Strange Revelations and Carnival Delights.

Todd and his wife also drew a webcomic called Drew's End (drewsend.com).

Current Occupation: Freelance writer, editor, proofreader, ghost writer and artist.

Current Geekdoms: Dr. Steel, Browncoats, SCA, Lovecraft, FarScape, Dark Tower, Star Wars